[Update: Further improvements] Chrome tab groups are live on Android

By geezywap at 2019-05-27 • 0 collector • 353 pageviews

We've known for a while that the Chrome team was working on tab groups. The feature first showed up in Canary on the desktop, but it's now made its way to Android, also in the Canary channel. It's hidden behind a flag though, and works... sort of.

The "Tag groups" flag (found at the URL chrome://flags/#enable-tab-groups) lets you enable groups. The only way to trigger them now is to open a new tab and tap and hold on any icon in the recommended sites. You'll see the "Open in new tab in group" option. A new bottom menu (which is the weird interface we covered a while back) will appear, and this is where the tabs belonging to this group reside. You can switch between them, open a new tab, and expand the menu to view tab thumbnails and close them.

The feature is still unfinished though. When you access the regular tab switcher, the group is only represented by the last tab you viewed in it. There's no stack of cards, for example, to show that this is a group, which can get very confusing.

Another issue I came across is that the flag to activate it is really flakey. Yesterday, it wasn't triggering the behavior at all, today it started force closing Chrome until I cleared all data and started again, and now it's finally working. So if you want to test this out, keep in mind that it's not reliable. But then again, this is Canary so you should be prepared for it.

SOURCE:  Chrome Story (1)(2)

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