Huawei reportedly cuts production for several of its phones

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Huawei is reportedly feeling the effects of being placed on the U.S. Entity List, which bans the use of hardware and software products from U.S. companies by the China-based smartphone maker. According to an unconfirmed news story, it’s believed Huawei has now shut down the production of several of its smartphones.

The news comes via the South China Morning Post, citing an unnamed source. It says that Foxconn, the Taiwan business that makes smartphones for a number of companies, has cut production for several Huawei handsets due to a request from the company. The specific Huawei smartphones were not mentioned in the article. The outlet adds that it’s not known whether Huawei’s move to reduce phone orders is just a temporary measure or part of a long term plan, as manufacturers are able to increase or decrease orders based on various conditions.


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