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What will the next iPhone be called?

  • iPhone XI?

  • iPhone X2?

In the past, we have pretty much known what the next iPhone would be called because Apple used sequential numbers. That all changed in 2017 though when Apple introduced the iPhone X into the mix. The 2018 models then added an "S" and an "R" to the X branding.

This means that no one is currently sure what this year's iPhone or iPhones will be called. Apple might opt for iPhone XI (our bet) or iPhone X2, or maybe even take it back to iPhone 11. So that probably means we'd get an iPhone XI, an iPhone XI Max and probably an iPhone XRS or XR2.

As we don't know for now and we won't find out officially anytime soon, we will stick with 2019 iPhones for the sake of this feature.

Apple iPhone 2019 release date

  • Predicting 10 September 2019

Apple typically holds its iPhone event in the second week of September. Traditionally on a Tuesday. Assuming it follows the same pattern for 2019, we'd predict the iPhone launch event to take place on the 10 September 2019.

Of course nothing has been confirmed, nor will it be until likely the end of August 2019 but that's the date we would place our bet on for now.

Apple iPhone XI specs: What we want and expect

  • Premium, waterproof design

  • Higher resolution displays

  • Apple Pencil compatibility

  • Reduced notch

  • Improved Face ID

  • Triple rear camera

  • Reverse wireless charging

  • USB Type-C

  • Apple A13 chip

  • iOS 13 (confirmed)

Apple iPhone XI rumours: What's happened?

3 June 2019: Apple confirmed iOS 13 as this year's iOS release

Apple has confirmed that iOS 13 will be available in the autumn, as well as showing us some of the key features. And, of course, these will come to the iPhone XI. These new features include:

  • A system-wide dark mode (we like it on Mac, but not sure about it on our phone)

  • A Find My app that includes Find my Friends and Find my iPhone but it can also locate offline devices via Bluetooth. 

  • A redesigned reminders app, new features in Messages and 3D elements in Apple Maps (yes, like Google Street View)

  • Swipe-to-type, very much like Swiftkey and Swype

  • More photo and video editing options within the Photos app (which will also be able to remove duplicates and clutter like screenshots)

  • Menstrual cycle tracking in the health app (also coming to Apple Watch)

  • Faster Face ID unlock and app launch times

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