Huawei ejected from Wi-Fi Alliance, SD Association, and other standards groups

By geezywap at 2019-05-26 • 0 collector • 477 pageviews

ap_resize (13).png Huawei has had a rough week — it was added to the US Entity List, and soon it will be cut off from most of the manufacturers and companies it relies on to make products. While perhaps not the most devastating blow Huawei has been dealt in recent days, it has now been excluded from the associations responsible for the development Wi-Fi, SD, and some USB standards.

The SD Association, which develops the SD card standard and licenses the logo and trademark to other companies, has removed Huawei from its list of members. The group is located in California, placing it under the jurisdiction of the US ban. It's not clear at this time if this will affect Huawei's ability to add microSD card slots to its future phones, assuming it can even make phones once the ban goes into full effect.

Huawei has also been ejected from the Texas-based Wi-Fi Alliance, which certifies Wi-Fi products and develops new versions of the standard. The company also withdrew from JEDEC, the standards body that sets specifications for various USB and RAM standards, which is based in Virginia.

Until the US ban is lifted, Huawei is unable to make phones with Google's Android, Bluetooth, (possibly) ARM-based processors, and maybe even SD cards. Not a great situation to be in.


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