Deal: 90% off a year of 1TB cloud storage with Zoolz

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Zoolz Cloud Storage Backup

Losing precious data is a heartbreaking experience. When hours of work, corporate documents, or photo albums go missing, you’re in a world of pain. That’s where Zoolz Cloud Backup can save you from future headaches.

The beautiful thing about Zoolz is its convenient ability to let you access and retrieve files anytime on any device. It’s always there for you if the worst happens.

Zoolz Cloud Storage

A typical cloud storage service can become expensive quickly. That’s why we’re spotlighting a deal today on Zoolz that should be palatable to your wallet. Right now you can get a one-year subscription to 1TB of cloud storage for just $19.99.

Zoolz is one of the leading cloud storage solutions today, sitting securely on the renown AWS infrastructure. AWS is trusted by business juggernauts such as NASDAQ, NASA, Netflix, and more.

Zoolz at a glance:

Backup 1TB of Cold Storage with no limitations. Retrieve Cold Storage files in approximately three to five hours. Endlessly protect computers, network storage, and external devices. Get high-quality service at one of the lowest prices in the market. Preview backed up data via the mobile app. If you want more than just a one-year subscription, Zoolz is also offering an even better deal on the three-year plan with 94 percent off.

It would be a disaster if something were to happen to your data, so this deal could be your saving grace. Head on over to Tech Deals while this promotion is still available. Hitting that button below takes you there


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