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Talking about the streaming contents, without any doubt, NetFlix is the king in the streaming industry. However, in the Basic Plan which starts at $7.99, NetFlix doesn’t allow users to watch videos in HD and Ultra HD format. Not just that, but the screen share has also been limited to only 1. This is why users look for free NetFlix accounts. So, if you are also searching for free Netflix accounts, then you have landed to the right web page. We have listed some of the working free Netflix accounts that you can use right now.

Free NetFlix Accounts – Working Accounts & Passwords 2019

With the evolvement of technology, we can now do anything with our smartphones. It doesn’t matter if you are holding an iPhone or an Android device, they have an app for all different purpose. The great thing is that now we can enjoy TV Shows or movies right from our smartphones while on the go.

In our opinion, watching movies or TV shows on smartphones are more comfortable because we don’t need to sit in front of a big screen to watch our favorite video content. In fact, the craze of TV shows are on a high and there are tons of apps available on the app stores which allows users to watch movies and TV Shows right from the smartphone itself.

Talking about the streaming contents, without any doubt, NetFlix is the leader in the streaming industry. Look, there are tons of other options available as well like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. But, NetFlix stands out from the crowd due to its unique offerings. Not just that, but most of the awesome new TV Series are available only on Netflix.

What is NetFlix?

What is NetFlix?

Well, NetFlix needs no introduction, still, there are lots of users who have just decided to dive into the streaming world. So, for those, it becomes necessary to explain a bit about Netflix. Netflix is one of the best and leading subscription service for watching movies and TV Shows from any device.

You can watch the video contents from your computer through the browsers, or you can watch the video contents from the Netflix mobile apps. The Netflix mobile app is available on the Android’s Google Play Store and iOs App Store. If we talk about the mobile apps, NetFlix mobile apps are indeed a great way to access video contents on the go.

The streaming service has gained lots of popularity and its right now the leading streaming service in the world.

Netflix Subscription Rates

Just like all other streaming services, NetFlix also has three plans. The Plans are – Basic, Standard, Premium. The Basic plan starts at $7.99, the Standard one starts at $10.99, and the Premium one starts at $13.99. Let’s talk about the basic plan which starts at $7.99 in which you can watch unlimited hours of video, but you can’t watch them in HD and Ultra HD Format.

Netflix Subscription Rates

Not just the Basic Plan, but the Ultra HD support is also not available on the standard plan. Also, the screen sharing is limited to just one device on the Basic Plan. So, even if you have a capable device, you can’t watch videos in Ultra HD format unless you opt for the premium package.

This is what makes users sad, and they end up looking for modded Netflix apk or free NetFlix account. So, if we compare all other video streaming apps, NetFlix turns out the be the costliest and users feel unfortunate because of that hefty price tags. So, for all those users, we are going to share something useful for you.

Free NetFlix Accounts

Free NetFlix Accounts

As we have said early in the post, due to the hefty price tags of NetFlix subscription, users look for NetFlix Modded files, cracked NetFlix apk, or free Netflix accounts. Look, modded files or cracked apps are not the way to go because they often contain malware, viruses, adware, etc. which can cause serious damage to your device.

So, the safe option is to Get Free NetFlix Accounts. These are nothing apart from the login username and passwords of the premium accounts that are no longer used by the subscription holders. Now that there are lots of streaming sites available on the internet, users switch to different services. So, the existing NetFlix subscription holders put their account on sale.


So, by using these free NetFlix accounts, you can enjoy all the premium services of NetFlix for free. There are usually tons of free NetFlix accounts available on the internet. In fact, you will come across sites which are offering free Netflix accounts, but most of the accounts were banned due to illegal sharing.

But, in this article, we will provide you the working Netflix accounts which you can log in to enjoy premium services. But, please use these accounts for personal purpose, don’t share it further or it will be banned in no-time.

Features of Premium NetFlix Accounts

Well, we understand, you might be eager to know about the features of NetFlix Premium Accounts. Here we have discussed some of the best features of NetFlix

  • With NetFlix Subscription, you can access all TV Shows and Movies. Not just that, but you can watch those video content as much as you want.

  • With NetFlix Premium Subscription, you can watch videos in HD and Ultra HD format. You can watch videos without any restriction

  • The Premium subscription of NetFlix allows users to share screens with four other devices. That means you can also share TV screens with your family.

  • NetFlix is available on almost all major platform including Android and iOS. Users just need to download & install the NetFlix app from the respective app stores to watch videos on the go

  • There are several types of TV Shows and Movies that are exclusive on the Premium subscription. So, with NetFlix Premium, you can enjoy those exclusive content as well.

  • With NetFlix Premium account, you can share screen on multiple devices. That means you can now watch the same account on multiple devices like Android, iPhone, Television, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, and other internet-connected devices.

These are just a few best features of NetFlix. With the free NetFlix accounts, you will get the premium subscription, and you can enjoy all the listed features. 

How To Get NetFlix Premium Account For Free?

Well, there’s a legal way to get NetFlix Premium for free. You just need to follow some of the steps listed below to get NetFlix Premium subscription for free.

#1 First of all, create a new Gmail account and then Go to NetFlix homepage. There you will see a message ‘Enjoy NetFlix for 1 month for free’

Get NetFlix Premium Account For Free

#2 Click on the banner and then create a NetFlix account by selecting the plan. Simply, enter the credit card details. Don’t worry NetFlix won’t charge you anything.

Netflix free trial

#3 Now, you can enjoy the Netflix for 30 Days. However, before the trial expires let say in the 29th day, cancel the NetFlix account. Simply, click on your account name which is usually located at the top right corner and then select ‘Cancel Membership’

Get NetFlix Premium Account For Free

So, in this way, you can create a free trial account of NetFlix on which you can enjoy video content for free.

Few Things To Avoid

Well, NetFlix has gained lots of popularity and its one of the leading streaming services which you can visit to watch videos. Above, we have shared a legal way to get NetFlix Premium Subscription for free, but there are few other methods available as well that needs various black hat techniques.

For example, people use Virtual credit card to get free netflix accounts. Moreover, you will come across lots of websites that claim to provide you with free netflix accounts generator. These are the tools which you should avoid at any cost because these are the severe threat to the security.

If you desperately need a free Netflix account, then try the login credentials that has been shared in the article. These free netflix accounts are publicly available on the internet, and these are the working ones. However, if the given login credentials don’t work, then you can follow the method provided above to get a free netflix account legally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

There might be lots of things running on your mind. Look, we understand that not everyone is perfect and we might have failed to explain every detail of NetFlix. However, below we have manually picked and answered the most common questions of users. So, let’s check out the frequently asked questions and its answers.

Are These Free NetFlix Accounts Active?

We have manually checked the Accounts and only listed the working ones. So, yes, these are the working free netflix accounts which you can use to watch video content. However, these accounts usually get banned.

Can i share Free NetFlix Accounts?

Well, these are the shared Netflix accounts of real users. You can share it with your friends or family. But, since NetFlix Premium subscription only allows 4 devices, so, if the account is being used by more than 4 accounts at the same time, then it will be banned in no-time

Are the accounts safe to use?

These are the login credentials which you can use to Login with NetFlix. So, the accounts are completely safe to use. But, don’t use cracked Netflix apps or modded netflix apk as they can raise security issues.

Can i use these accounts on my Mobile App?

Yes, you can use these free netflix accounts to log in with NetFlix Mobile app. You can get NetFlix app for Android and iOS from the app stores.

The Accounts Are Not Working

Well, it’s absolutely possible. Since these are the shared account there are higher possibilities of getting banned. To avoid account bans, don’t log in with the same account from multiple devices. Also, don’t share the account further.

Can i watch HD And Ultra HD videos?

Yes, these are the free Netflix premium accounts which you can use to watch videos in HD and Ultra HD videos. Not just that, but you can also watch unlimited hours of video content with these accounts.

So, these are just a few common questions that users ask before using free netflix accounts 2019. If you have any other queries, then make sure to ask us in the comment box located at the end of this article.

Final Verdict

NetFlix is indeed a great platform to watch the latest movies and TV Shows. Not just that, but some TV shows are exclusively available only on NetFlix. The best thing is that NetFlix also offers users an Android and iOS app which can be used to watch all video contents on the go. However, because of its hefty price tag, users look for free alternatives.

But, with these free NetFlix accounts, you no longer need to search for NetFlix alternatives because you can watch unlimited hours of video content in HD and Ultra HD format without any limitation. Not just that, but these are free NetFlix accounts that were subscribed to the Premium package. That means you can expect lots of exclusive contents.

Make sure to bookmark this webpage and keep checking it at regular intervals as we will be updating the list with more new free NetFlix accounts. Thanks for reading till the end, have a good day!


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