Google Duo increases group call capacity to eight people

By geezywap at 2019-05-21 • 0 collector • 353 pageviews

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About a month ago, Google Duo began rolling out its much-awaited group calls. They started out in Indonesia, then quickly spread to India, Brazil, Mexico, the US, Canada, and many more countries. Although it's not official yet, it seems to be rolled out worldwide, but could possibly be behind a server-side flag so some users may have it while others not. However, until recently, group calls were limited to four people max, so you could only add three other participants beside yourself. Now, that's expanding to eight.

When we had our first look at Duo's group call, we knew the maximum number of contacts you could add was seven, so this expansion comes as no surprise. Google's Justin Uberti made the announcement on Twitter, and when checking on our phones, both Artem and I noticed that we can add up to seven participants to a group. So this is already live in the app, without the need for an update or new APK.

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At this point, it is weird that the app is still called Duo, so I suggest we rebrand it to Ocho. It has the same ring to it with a bit of Spanish flair. ¡Olé!


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